Dialaflight | A guide to Sailing Holidays in Antigua

The island of Antigua has an abundance of beautiful beaches and as such, is a haven for anyone in search of an idyllic location for a sun holiday. It’s the biggest of all the British Leeward islands and, in addition to its white sand coastline, it is also home to a number of amazing natural harbours – one of the most renowned of these is English Harbour, where you’ll find some fascinating historical sites, including Nelson’s Dockyard, which is favourite with a lot of Dialaflight clients.

History buffs may find that the stately old buildings and cobbled lanes here remind them of eighteenth century heritage, but this dockyard is one of the primary yachting centres in the Caribbean, and is still a fully functioning marina, despite its old-world appearance. Dial a Flight customers often visit Antigua during the last week of April each year, when the island’s Sailing Week takes place. Yachts both big and small, from all across the globe, arrive into Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour to take part in what has become one of the top sailing events in the world.

This is one of the Caribbean’s longest running regattas, with this year being its 46th birthday. Due to the international status of the event, more than one hundred yacht owners participate in it and many high end racing boats can be spotted here, as well as several large cruising and performance cruising boats which are over a hundred feet long. On average, more than five thousand spectators can be found watching the races each year, and approximately twenty four countries are represented at the event. There are five races in total, each of which provides for some thrilling

Dial a FlightIf you’re visiting for a casual sailing holiday, rather than a race, we recommend a relaxing cruise around Great Bird Island, which can be found on the reef’s western end. Whilst the views of the island from a boat are spectacular, Dialaflight customers have found this to be a fantastic place to explore by foot too, as the challenging trails which line the edge of the cliffs here allow you see the expanse of the beautiful Atlantic ocean, as well as parts of the colourful coral reef which lie on the shoreline. There are two tiny beaches on the island, which are calm, pretty and peaceful – in short, perfect for a lazy afternoon picnic.

Travelling with kids – tips for those heading off on a family holiday | Dialaflight

A family holiday is a great way to unwind and spend some quality times with your little ones; however, it’s safe to say that planning a trip like this can be quite stressful. If you’re a bit apprehensive about organising a family trip abroad, these tips from clients of Dialaflight should help to make the process a little easier.

It is vital to give yourself and your husband or wife plenty of time to plan not the trip. Whilst an impromptu getaway can work out well for adults, spontaneity doesn’t go well when there are children involved. Make sure you know the route to the airport, and if it’s a long journey, bring along games and books to keep the kids entertained. Check the traffic DialaFlight Holidaysreports and weather on the day and if your budget allows, you may want to pay extra so as to park closer to the airport. Getting to check in with children and lots of luggage in tow is often the most stressful part of the trip, so it’s worth doing whatever you can to make the experience a bit more straightforward.

Families that have travelled with Dial a Flight recommend packing your hand luggage very carefully; bring along overnight toiletries, a change of clothing, medication and anything else you and the children might need, in case your checked-in luggage goes astray. Whilst insurance will cover the financial loss, it won’t make it any less convenient and if the worst happens, you’ll be glad you made the effort to pack these extra items. You should also bring along a few snacks, as overtired and hungry children are a lot more likely to have a temper tantrum. Whilst the airport will usually have a restaurant and shops, the food there is normally quite expensive and pre-packaged and so it’s usually better to bring your own.

In case you get separated from them at any point, make sure that your children have the name and address of the hotel you are staying at, as well as your mobile number, on their person. Whilst these things rarely happen, it’s important to ensure you’re prepared. If it’s a long haul flight, don’t forget to bring a few items which will keep the kids amused; Dial a Flight customers have found that colouring books and crayons, console games, an MP3 player with their favourite songs and a travel-sized board game are all good options.

Dial a Flight | Preparation Tips for a Smooth Voyage

Problems can pop up without warning while travelling which can turn a trip you were looking forward to into a nightmare. Although you cannot prevent many unforeseen problems, you can definitely eliminate many from occurring by properly planning and preparing for your voyage ahead of time.

These simple trip preparation tips can make the beginning of you excursion allot smoother.

Choose the Right Flight

DialaflightWhen booking a flight, always try to choose nonstop over direct flights. Direct flights are a bit deceptive by name because they can touch down at airports on the way to their destinations while nonstop flights go directly to their destinations.

Stops are calculated into direct flight travel time. However, delays during such stops can cause potential problems and disrupt your trip. When you have a choice, select nonstop flights.

Book Flights under Your Legal Name

These days, most airlines and airports have tightened their travel guidelines due to terroristic events. Therefore, when booking flights, always use your name as it appears on official ID which is usually your legal name.

Avoid using nicknames like Liz for Elizabeth or Chuck for Charles. If you are asked to show ID to airport security and the name on your ticket does not exactly match your ID, you could be in for a lengthy delay until your actual identity is verified.

Ensure Document Requirements

Before you leave for on a trip to a foreign country, check on documentation requirements. Various countries have different rules and if you try to enter without meeting their guidelines, you could find that you are stuck.

An example lies in South Africa which requires that you have two or more blank pages in your passport. If you have only one or no unstamped pages, you will not be permitted entry. In such a case, it is definitely worth spending a small amount of time researching document requirements that could save you from a ruined trip.

A little preparation and planning when travelling abroad will go a long way to ensure that your trip is smooth and delays are eliminated or at least minimised. Contact Dial a Flight for more travel tips and great prices on holiday packages. Dialaflight offer a variety of Holidays, Flights, Hotels, Tours and much more so what are you waiting for? CallDial a Flight today and they’ll be sure to answer your call live in 5 seconds.

Dial a Flight – Rio de Janeiro joins the 21st Century

It has come to the attention of Dialaflight that the historic city of Rio de Janeiro is entering the 21st Century with some style.  Navigating your way around this colourful Brazilian city will be very much easier in the future thanks to the innovative idea of installing QR codes all around the city streets.  Tourists simply have to scan the code in order to download an app designed to make it much easier to explore the city.  As well as showing a map of the city, the app will also provide useful information such as surf conditions, facts about local beaches and the history of the area. The app is available in Spanish, Portuguese and English. There are to be 30 codes installed about the city and the first one can be found on a boulder at the end of the world famous Ipanema Beach.

Other world famous landmarks in Rio de Janeiro include Sugar Loaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which are both very imposing sights to see. Another good reason for visiting Rio is the annual Carnival, a colourful, vibrant spectacle that can only be truly appreciated when seen ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.

Of course, Rio de Janeiro will certainly be the destination of choice for very many people in the next few years because the city has been chosen to host not only the FIFA World Cup in 2014, but also the Summer Olympic Games in 2016.

DialaflightDial a Flight suggests that a visit to Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the New Year would be an event to remember for the rest of your life.  Copacabana Beach attracts up to 2.5 million people mostly dressed in white to see the New Year in, sharing chilled champagne and watching the hundreds of various events and shows being performed along the beach.  The celebrations carry on all night long and this huge event is second only to the Carnival.

Whatever your reason for visiting Rio de Janeiro, it is a city that should not be missed.

Dialaflight Recommends Hitting the Beaches of Florianópolis, Brazil for the Holidays

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise to escape to over the winter holiday season then Brazil is an excellent choice, Dialaflight points out. Florianópolis, in particular, is a beautiful island positioned off the coast of Brazil which boasts 42 sunny beaches to stretch out on or explore, all of which have something special to offer. What’s more, the beaches of this large island are separated by gorgeous tropical vegetation and hauntingly beautiful rock formations which offer a scenic delight for the eyes.

Dial A Flight recommends Praia Mole or Joaquina for those who like to ride the waves since they offer challenging surf moving in from off the Atlantic. Those travelling with children would better appreciate the gentler waters of Ponta das Canas. Families too might enjoy Praia do Inglês which has a nice, colourful selection of nearby restaurants and local shops. Dial a Flight

Speaking of food, Dialaflight insists that anyone travelling to Florianópolis will want to bring an appetite for plenty of seafood which is fresh and plenteous. Seafood lovers can gorge on such delicious dishes as Sequência de Camarão consisting of fish, shrimp, crab, or calamari, depending on where you try it. Camarão na Moranga is another wonderful treat that bakes a mixture of shrimp and cheese inside a pumpkin.

For those just looking for an oasis wherein to relax, Praia Mole has a peaceful seaside retreat nestled back in the rolling hills. There you can recline on “Easy Beach” while soaking in the sunshine, basking in the ocean breeze, and sipping on a Brazilian beer or fresh acaí juice. If you feel like a bit of exercise, there is a network of trails that wind through the jungle foliage with outcroppings of rocks to climb.

Dial A Flight insists that Florianópolis is a beautiful and exotic beach getaway that is sure to please the most finicky traveller as well as make you totally forget about the wintery mess you left behind. Consider spending your holiday season on one or more of the many beautiful beaches that Florainópolis has to offer.

Dial a Flight discuss Why You Should Be Planning a Trip to Australia

People have different perceptions of Australia as a holiday destination. You are sure to experience great weather, many beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, as well as an interesting culture. If you thought that adventure and tourist activities in Australia are overstated, you are wrong because they are spot on and every time you dial a flight, you can look forward to a memorable stay in the country.

Warm, sunny climate
If you appreciate long summer days and the warm delights that they bring, you should head down south where the weather is generally pleasant all year round. You might even end up with an endless summer if you travel to the Northwest, though the south can be a little chilly. What’s even better is that you can have 365 days of comfortable outdoor living. As a tourist, Dialaflight suggest you take advantage of the vast beaches, surf, camp, and hike regardless of the season. Dialaflight

Tantalising cuisine
Australia is multicultural, which means that finding great authentic cuisine is not difficult at all. You can taste all kinds of food including Indian, Thai, Japanese, Spanish and even Turkish, you name it and you can find it to tantalise your taste buds. If you want to taste more mainstream cuisine, you will find every Aussie’s favourite in most restaurants.

Get up close with unique wildlife
One of the things that make Australia so attractive is its iconic wildlife. You can expect to see koalas, kangaroos, wombats among other unique animals, while kookaburras and cockatoos reign in the skies. Sometimes these animals get very close to people, but dial a flight explain that you should be careful when dealing with some of them since they can be dangerous, and unless you are within a zoo, avoid getting too close.

Explore the incredible cities
One of the most interesting Australian features includes the large cities, which are never too far from the sandy beaches. Apart from that they also offer a lot in shopping, tantalising cuisine, great music and nightclubs which ensure that your stay in the country never bores. The country also boasts of a great public transportation system that makes it easy to get around. Either you can use public transport, or dialaflight to get to some ethnic locations, which might make you feel like you are in a different country all together.
Australia also boasts of a unique language, which is mainly English but the slang might get your head spinning. Learning it is another interesting activity, which will help you integrate with the locals more easily.

Dial a flight – Attractions in Beijing from the travel experts

Dial a flight - BeijingBeijing – Dial a Flight

Since it hosted the Olympics in 2008, Beijing has become more and more modernised; for the average holiday-goer, this is a double edged sword, as whilst modernity has its advantages, some say that the culture and history of Beijing is being shunned in favour of progress. However, Dial a Flight experts say that there are still plenty of fascinating places to visit in this densely packed, yet sprawling city.

One of the most famous attractions in all of Beijing is undoubtedly the vast Forbidden City; this is made up of a huge cluster of buildings which are at least 500 years old. For those who want to learn more about the history of Ancient China, Dialaflight say that this is the perfect place to start. After you’ve spent a few hours here, you can wander over to the well known Tianenmen Sqaure, which is the largest city square in the world, and is at the very heart of the city. It’s brimming over with tourists, as well as locals relaxing, chatting and flying kites.

One of the most visited sections of the Great Wall of China is close to the centre of Beijing. You can’t come to China without seeing this amazing structure, however Dial a Flight say that there are quite a few unscrupulous tour operators offering overpriced tours, so it’s important to keep your wits about you when visiting. If you want to visit the less tourist-laden sections of the wall, try Simatai, Huanghuacheng and Jinshanling.

Although most people envision Beijing as a concrete jungle, Dial a Flight experts say that it does in fact have quite a few green spaces; the peaceful atmosphere of these places helps to counteract the chaos and noise of the rest of the city. One of the most popular parks is the one which surrounds the Temple of Heaven.

For anyone who loves animals, Dial a Flight say that a trip to Beijing Zoo is unmissable. This zoo is enormous, stretching out for more than 50 hectares. The enclosures and animal houses cover approximately 40,000 square metres, and are home to reptiles, giraffes, antelopes, rhinoceros, tigers, polar bears, elephants and pandas.

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Dialaflight on St. Lucia

Dialaflight experts show you St. Lucia

When most people think of a place like St Lucia, they normally envision the cobalt blue ocean of the Caribbean, lush rainforests and endless stretches of beaches fringed with palm trees. Whilst this certainly isn’t inaccurate – it’s true that St Lucia is a typical, sun drenched Caribbean island – there’s more to this destination that it’s sun, sea and surf. For those interested in history and culture, there’s also an abundance of things to see and do here, so you don’t have to spend your entire holiday sipping cocktails on the beach (unless you want to of course!)

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the island of St. Lucia was ruled by both the French and the British, and this is what resulted in the island earning the nickname of ‘Helen of the West Indies’ – a reference to Helen of Troy, whose beauty caused the infamous Trojan wars. If you’re interested in the history of this beautiful island, the travel experts from Dial a Flight have selected three of St. Lucia’s best historical sites.

Balenbouche Estate is a place of great cultural and historical importance on the island. It was once owned by the French and used as a sugar cane factory and plantation house, where both rum and sugar were made up until the beginning of the 20th century. The estate spans more than 75acres, and is not only fascinating to wander through, but also very beautiful from an aesthetic perspective. The walking trails will take you by the Amerindian carvings as well as the old sugar mill.

The Choiseul Arts and Crafts Centre in St. Lucia is the heart of the island’s art scene. Here you’ll find a wealth of handcrafted goods made by the local artists, including wooden and coconut carvings, dolls, grass weavings and pottery. The proceeds of the sales go towards the local community of Choiseul, and the upkeep of its craft centre.

The historic botanical gardens of Mamiku, located in Micoud, were constructed by some of the top landscape artists in the Caribbean, and are an incredible sight. Here you can explore and admire the perfectly landscaped gardens, the woodland trails, and the ruins of an 18th century estate, once owned by a French aristocrat. The natural surroundings are stunning, and the history of the place enthralling.

One of the island’s most famous natural landmarks is the Pitons; these enormous peak mountains gave their name to St. Lucia’s most popular local beer, Piton. Hiking up these extraordinary mountains is not something to be done on a whim; however if you’re fit and healthy, and want to experience the majestic views at the top, then it’s certainly worth the effort of a day’s hike.